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As a Towson student, I often needed to cure my hangovers with a bagel from Towson Hot Bagels. Not only was this the closest option to Towson University, it was also the best bagel option in the area by a large margin. I’m originally from New York, when it comes to bagels, my standards are high. In the Baltimore area, when it comes to finding a good New york style bagel, you’ll be hard pressed to find someplace better than THB. When I moved to Baltimore City, I figured my hungover days at THB had come to a close. I would have to find someplace else to satisfy my bagel craving, and unfortunately, I would probably be significantly less satisfied. Fortunately, THB has a location in Canton and it’s just as good as the original Towson spot.



Everyone has their go-to hangover cure. For my roommate, it’s Home Fries. The home fries at THB are crispy and seasoned nicely. They’re the perfect hangover cure.

Home Fries

Home Fries

For my breakfast, I went with a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel. The bacon was crispy, the cheese was gooey and the bagel was fresh. The bagel was super doughy and was a perfect vessel for my bacon, egg, and cheese. This is hands down the best bagel I’ve ever had in Maryland.

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel

If you’re looking for authentic New York style bagel, head over to THB in Canton.

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THB is located at 3301 Boston St, in Canton.

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