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Fells Point: Koopers Tavern

The burgers at Koopers Tavern are delicious, there’s no denying that. But seeing as it was before noon and my friend and I were looking to try something other than our Fells Point go-to, The Point, we decided to try brunch at Koopers.

Koopers Tavern

Koopers Tavern

My friend was in the mood for a basic brunch and opted for the Lox & Bagels. This dish was pretty straight forward, my friend received a bagel with lox, cream cheese, diced tomato, diced onions, and fresh fruit. My friend really loved this and said it satisfied her craving, but I’m a native New Yorker, I’m hesitant to try any bagels in the area that aren’t from THB.

Lox & Bagels

Lox & Bagels

I was in the mood for something with eggs so i decided to order the Corned Beef Hash. Last year I loved it at Woodberry Kitchen and I was curious about what Koopers Tavern had to offer. This dish came with corned beef hash topped with two poached eggs and a side of fruit and toast. I loved how the runny eggs mixed with the corned beef and I will without a doubt be back to order this dish again.

Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash

If you’re looking for brunch in Fells Point, head over to Koopers Tavern, you’re sure to find something awesome!

Koopers Tavern is located at 1702 Thames St, in Fells Point.

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  1. It’s hard to find a good bagel with a schmear in this town! I know they probably didn’t hold a fiddle to a NYC bagel, but how did your friend like them? Acceptable? Any other bagel recommendations in Baltimore?


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