Federal Hill: SoBo Cafe

Eggs are one of my favorite breakfast foods. Especially when they’re prepared a little differently than just two eggs over easy or scrambled with some toast. On this particular morning, I was craving shakshuka even though I’ve never had it before. Pictures of it looked awesome and I knew it was right up my alley. After a quick search on Foursquare, I found that SoBo Cafe in Fed Hill has it. This was perfect because not only is SoBo Cafe close to my apartment, I’ve been meaning to try it there and I’ve heard great reviews about the place. After getting my roommate on board with the brunch plan we headed over to SoBo Cafe.

We arrived at 2:30 on a Sunday so the place was practically empty, usually I take this as a huge red flag but it turns out that they close at 3pm on Sundays (they reopen at 5pm) so it was understandable why no one was there.

SoBo Cafe
SoBo Cafe

Unfortunately, because we arrived so late, SoBo Cafe was already sold out of their Cinnamon Buns for the day, so we will have to return to try those.

I knew that I wanted shakshuka so I didn’t even bother looking over the menu to change my mind. The dish was two eggs poached with a chunky tomato sauce, feta, served with toast, home fries & fruit. The dish was great, I used the toast to scoop any remaining egg yolk and tomato sauce. If you’re craving eggs, this dish is definitely worth a try.


My roommate ordered the Mac-n-Cheese. It came with chopped tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and a crumb top. Oh my this dish was good. It was also fairly large with tons of melty, cheesy goodness everywhere. I’ve been to a restaurant that specializes in Mac-n-Cheese, that place does not compare to the incredible dish placed before us. Saying it was delicious is an understatement. I will go back and order this again very soon.


Also at SoBo Cafe, I noticed they have sangria popsicles which we didn’t order but sound awesome and like the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. Everything we ordered was delicious and I can’t wait to go back and try some more great things (and get more Mac-n-Cheese of course.)

SoBo Cafe is located at 6 W. Cross St. in Fed Hill.

Know of any other brunch spots or restaurants in Fed Hill I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Some other brunch spots I’ve enjoyed nearby are Spoons Cafe and XS.

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