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Station North: Lost City Diner

In Station North, there’s an awesome looking diner called Lost City Diner which I’ve heard plenty of great things about. For dinner, my roommate and I were in the mood to try someplace new but still pretty basic. I suggested Lost City Diner and we headed north on Charles Street.

Lost City Diner

Lost City Diner

Advertised outside of Lost City Diner are the Milkshakes in neon lights. So like good diner patrons, my roommate and I each ordered a milkshake. My roommate ordered cookies and cream while I ordered a double chocolate. These milkshakes were thick and creamy, just what you’d expect at a diner.



In college, my friend Matt was from New Jersey that went absolutely bonkers over disco fries. Needless to say after many late nights  at the bars and then the Towson Diner, I have a little thing for Disco Fries now too. More than just a handful of times I’ve had disco fries that leave much to be desired, fortunately the ones at Lost City Diner were not like that at all. The gravy was nice and peppery and went well over the cheese smothered fries. I will be back for another order of these.

Disco Fries

Disco Fries

To accompany the disco fries, my roommate ordered Chicken Tenders. These perfectly hit the spot, but were your basic diner fare and particularly out of this world.

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders

I decided to also order something basic and get the Grilled Cheese and Saturn Rings. The grilled cheese was good, but nothing special. The saturn rings (onion rings) had plenty of rave reviews on Yelp and they were good, but I preferred the onion rings at Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen and Bar significantly more, they were crispier. However the dipping sauce that came with the saturn rings was awesome, almost like a spicy ranch. Great for dipping onion rings and fries into.

Grilled Cheese and Saturn Rings

Grilled Cheese and Saturn Rings

While Lost City Diner has plenty of standard diner fare, it was all executed well and delicious. Our one quip was that the service was excruciatingly slow. The space isn’t particularly large and certain things seemed to take much longer than necessary such as taking our order and checking up on us.

Lost City Diner is located at 1730 North Charles Street, Station North, MD.

Know of any other diners or restaurants in Station North or in the surrounding areas that I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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