Top Five: Federal Hill Edition

Sometimes, I revisit restaurants and end up with even better dishes than I had the first time around. However, I’m not constantly posting new reviews of places I visit regularly – I do not have that kind of time.

So I’m putting together a few different top five lists for different neighborhoods and cuisines. Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my top five favorite dishes in Federal Hill that I could (and do) eat over and over again.

Federal Hill
Federal Hill – Photo via

  1. Fumo e Fucco – Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks

Hersh’s is my favorite pizza in Baltimore, it’s no surprise they would make the list. The Fumo e Fucco is topped with smoked mozzarella cheese, fried eggplant, hot chili oil and lamb sausage – or whatever sausage they’re currently making. I’ve also had this pizza with brisket sausage and it is phenomenal.

Hersh’s Pizza is located at 1843 Light St

Fumo e Fucco
Fumo e Fucco

2. Mac-n-Cheese – SoBo Cafe

The Mac-n-Cheese at SoBo cafe is creamy and crispy. It is also a very large portion for an appetizer which is great because when I’m out with a friend, there’s plenty to share.

SoBo Cafe is located at 6 W. Cross St


3. Oriole Wings – Delia Foley’s

The Oriole Wings at Delia Foley’s are probably the best wings in Baltimore. The Oriole sauce has a nice subtle heat that really tasted great as we made it through the order of wings. And there was tons of that delicious sauce leftover to dip anything else you order into.

Delia Foley’s is located at 1439 S Charles St

Oriole Wings
Oriole Wings

4. Korean Short Rib Fries – The Local Fry

I love fries, and a top five list is obviously going to include french fries. The Local Fry specializes in french fries, it would be pretty upsetting if they didn’t have the best fries in Fed. The Korean Short Rib Fries are fresh cut fries topped with braised short rib, pickled red onions, crema, scallions, and toasted sesame seeds. They were insanely flavorful and possibly the most creative fries I’ve ever had.

The Local Fry is located at 21 E Cross St

Korean Short Rib Fries
Korean Short Rib Fries

5. Chicken Kebab Platter – Baba’s Kitchen

Baba’s Kitchen has some of the best food in the area. Everything is incredibly tender and packed with flavor, the chicken platter is no different. The chicken is juicy, the hummus is creamy and the platter is large and the perfect size for a meal.

Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen is located at 745 E Fort Ave

Chicken Kebab Platter
Chicken Kebab Platter

What is your absolute favorite dish in Federal Hill? Let me know in the comments below!


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