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Mount Washington: Chiyo

I have two favorite sushi spots in Baltimore, a downtown one in Fells and an uptown one in Mount Washington. One of my good friends lives in Owings Mills and suggested that we meet for sushi and sake on a recent Friday evening. Chiyo Sushi, my uptown sushi favorite was the perfect place for us to meet because it’s halfway.



After looking over the menu at Chiyo, we decided to share a few things because so many items stood out to us.  We started with the Tuna Surf Board which really did look like the fish was about to ride some waves. The spicy tuna and avocado was perched atop a fried zucchini slice. The tuna was so fresh, the avocado was creamy, and the fried zucchini gave this dish a nice crunch. It was a winner!


Tuna Surf Board

We also shared (from left to right) a Crunchy Tuna Roll, California Roll, and Geisha Roll. Honestly, the black pepper tuna in the crunchy tuna roll is one of my favorite things. This is probably my favorite roll at Chiyo. The geisha roll was topped with a fried lotus root which was amazing. The little bit of crunch played wonderfully with the fresh fish.


Sushi Spread

We also ordered a few pieces of Maguro (tuna belly) and Salmon Sashimi. To me, this is the true test of how good a sushi spot is. Without any bells and whistles does the fish shine – and yes, it does. The salmon was melt in your mouth good as was the Maguro. Personally I prefer salmon to tuna, but both were fantastic and we were all thrilled with the quality of the fish.



Lastly, we shared an order of Strawberry Mochi (sticky rice filled with ice cream) for dessert. I almost prefer mochi to regular ice cream because it’s served colder and the texture of the sticky rice is my favorite. The strawberry was super flavorful and it’s the perfect way to end a sushi meal.



Chiyo Sushi is located at 1619 Sulgrave AveMount Washington

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