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Mount Vernon: Sammy’s Trattoria

When you’re looking for good Italian food, the first place you look probably isn’t Mount Vernon when there are so many delicious options in Little Italy. However, for a great Italian meal a little further north in the city, Sammy’s Trattoria does the trick. Each dish is freshly prepared and you can truly taste it in your meal. In addition, in 2013 Sammy’s Trattoria was voted best Italian Restaurant by Baltimore City Paper.

Sammy's Trattoria

Sammy’s Trattoria

When we entered Sammy’s Trattoria, we were greeted by high ceilings, tons of JHU memorabilia and a bubbly hostess. We were seated right away and couldn’t wait to order because the food on the tables around us looked amazing. We were also given a bread basket and some olive oil for dipping and knew we would be in for a great meal!

We decided to start our meal with The Julia House Salad. The salad was fresh romaine lettuce tossed in creamy Italian house dressing. The salad was a great way to start off the meal, but there really was nothing particularly special about it.

The Julia House Salad

The Julia House Salad

My dinner date for the evening was craving lasagna, and what better place to order lasagna than an Italian Restaurant? The Homemade Lasagna came with layers and layers of homemade pasta towered with fresh ricotta, provolone, parmigiana and mozzarella cheeses, and baked with homemade sauce. The lasagna was very good, everything was fresh and packed with flavor, however the cheese to noodle ratio was a little overwhelming and we ended up removing some of the cheese. Overall it was still a great dish, we probably would have enjoyed it more if we added the bolognese on top.

Homemade Lasagna

Homemade Lasagna

I, on the other hand am a sucker for pappardelle. It is easily my favorite shape of pasta so when I spotted Pappardelle alla Pesto on the menu, I knew that was what I wanted. The long flat pasta was tossed in a very fresh basil pesto with marinated chicken. I loved the pasta and I loved the pesto but next time I’d probably order it without the chicken.

Pappardelle alla Pesto

Pappardelle alla Pesto

Overall, my friend and I were very satisfied with the quality of the food and cannot wait to return to try more of the delicious, fresh Italian options at Sammy’s Trattoria.

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Sammy’s Trattoria is located at 1200 N Charles St., in Mount Vernon

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