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Hampden: Le Garage Frites Shop

Update: Le Garage is now closed. 

I love french fries. Seriously, they are fantastic. When I heard about Le Garage opening in Hampden, I knew I had to try their frites and dipping sauces. Downstairs at Le Garage they have a full-fledged restaurant which I have not gotten a chance to try yet. But upstairs, they have a frites shop only serving fries, beer and a few sandwiches.

Le Garage Frites Shop

Le Garage Frites Shop

When we walked in, we were greeted with a menu that listed the few frites options as well as the sauces of the day.



We ordered three sauces with our frites. The Chipotle Ketchup had a chunky consistency, almost like a salsa and not enough spicy chipotle flavor. We also ordered the Bacon Buttermilk Ranch. It was super creamy but could have used some more bacon flavor or even bacon bits. Our favorite of the trio was the Smoked Honey Aioli. It has a sweet honey mustard like flavor to it and was great on the fries, the sweetness complimented the saltiness very well.

Trio of Sauces

Trio of Sauces

For the frites that we dipped in the sauces. We ordered the larger size because we were sharing. I’ve never been to Belgium so I don’t know how authentic these ‘frites’ actually are, but they were delicious. Slightly thick so they still retained some potato flavor instead of being fried sticks. And each fry was incredibly long.



If you’re looking for delicious frites and dipping sauces, Le Garage in Hampden is a must visit!

Le Garage is located at 911 W 36th St. in Hampden.

Know of any other Belgian restaurants in Hampden or the surrounding areas I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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