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The Best Plates of 2017

As another year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on some of the best bites I ate this year. Similarly to the best plates of 2016 list, I’m only sharing dishes that I tried for the first time this year, no chains, and only one dish per restaurant.


The Best Plates of 2017

In no particular order here are my favorites – did I miss yours? Let me know so I make a point to try it in 2018!

  1. Rich Lobster Soup with Curry at Charleston. Every dish at Charleston was truly fantastic, but Chef Wolfe is known for her lobster soup and rightfully so. It was creamy and flavorful and a must order on your visit. [FULL POST]

    Lobster Soup.jpg

    Rich Lobster Soup with Curry

  2. Toothpick Mutton at Szechuan Impression. To be honest, everything here was a hit. But the toothpick mutton was unlike anything I’ve ever had before and I’ve been craving it ever since. [FULL POST]


    Toothpick Mutton

  3. Lemon Meringue at Wit and Wisdom. All of Chef Dyan’s desserts are insanely good. The creativity and flavors blow me away every time. But of all of her desserts, the lemon meringue is my favorite and I order it any chance I get. It comes with a scoop of spearmint ice cream that makes this such a refreshing bite. [FULL POST]


    Lemon Meringue

  4. Creamy Hummus Topped with Stewed Chicken at Zahav. I had been wanting to try this Philly spot for a while. I finally made it in this summer and the creamy hummus was the best I’ve ever had. Everything we ordered was fantastic, but the hummus was on another level.


    Creamy Hummus Topped with Stewed Chicken

  5. Mac N Cheese at The Brewer’s Art. Mac N Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and in a perfect world it should be cheesy, creamy, and buttery. The version at Brewer’s Art never disappoints and is only available at the bar. I can’t believe it took me until this year to try it. [FULL POST]


    Mac N Cheese

  6. Garlic Bread and Salad at Peter’s Inn. The salad has a balsamic Caesar dressing that totally blew me away, but the thick cut garlicky buttery bread to accompany the dish made me want to place a second order for dessert.


    Garlic Bread and Salad

  7. Pancake Burger at EatBar. This juicy burger was awesome on its own, but placing it on a fluffy pancake bun made a fantastic dish that elevated the brunch game. [FULL POST]


    Pancake Burger

  8. Fish Taco at Taco Maria. This was hands down the best taco I’ve ever had in my life. The fish was crispy and prepared perfectly, but also there were grapes in the taco that added a lovely sweetness. It was a unique flavor combination and I savored every bite.


    Fish Taco

  9. Beef Short Rib at Blacksauce. If you haven’t been to Blacksauce on a Thursday yet, that needs to be your New Years resolution. The beef was so tender and the roll was sturdy enough to hold up to all the meaty deliciousness. I’m always excited to see it on the weekly menu.


    Beef Short Rib

  10. Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce at Tagliata. This dish is such a classic, but Tagliata executed it perfectly. The sauce was creamy, the pasta was al dente and I’ve been dreaming about this dish since I finished eating it.


    Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce

With so many fantastic dishes this year, I’m looking forward to what 2018 has in store!

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