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Navy Yard, D.C.: Chloe

Navy Yard is seriously just exploding. Something new and fantastic is popping up every week. Most recently, I checked out Chloe by Haidar Karoum and I’m already thinking about my next trip. The space was beautiful. And each bite was more delicious than the last. My girlfriend and I stopped in for dinner and could not have been more pleased with the experience.



We had the opportunity to sit at the Chef’s Counter which was just downright lovely. We peered into the kitchen and saw the team making some great bites. It was a fun experience. Everything is small plates which was perfect, we shared everything and loved every second of it.

We started with the Sheeps Milk Ricotta – it came with slices of warm toasted bread and was drizzled with really raw honey. And it was really good. It was sweet and salty and the bread was perfect. We piled the cheese onto each slice.


Sheeps Milk Ricotta

We also ordered the Cobia Crudo which was another hit. It was so fresh and had some nice heat from the Thai chilies. But the best part was the puffed black rice – it gave the whole bite a lovely crunch and we just devoured this dish.


Cobia Crudo

I love spring produce and all that it offers, so we also split an order of the Grilled Wild Ramps, because you have to enjoy them while you can. The char on this was delicious and smoky, and the romesco sauce was super nutty and tasty. As long as the dish is available, it needs to be a part of your order.


Grilled Wild Ramps

The highlight of the night though was the Crispy Cauliflower. It was crispy with a downright tender interior. And the tahini was creamy, and tangy, and we really contemplated placing a second order of this. It was that good.


Crispy Cauliflower

The last savory dish we ordered was the Spiced Beef Hummus and it was another hit. I wasn’t expecting the dish to have any heat, but it was totally one of the reasons we kept coming back for more. Also the house made  was super delicious and was great for swiping through the creamy hummus.


Spiced Beef Hummus


Snow Shoe Naan

We couldn’t pass up dessert and went with the Meyer Lemon Tart. I’m a sucker for almost anything blueberry lemon and although this was on the sweeter side, each bite was better than the last.


Meyer Lemon Tart

Chloe is located at 1331 4th St SE, Navy Yard

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